aai/aai-commonThis holds the model, annotations and common modules used across the Resources a...2 hours
aai/aai-configAAI Chef cookbooks5 days
aai/aai-dataAAI Chef environment files47 hours
aai/aai-serviceAAI REST based services14 days
aai/data-routerAAI Micro Service used to route/persist AAI event data for consumption by the UI21 min.
aai/logging-serviceAAI common logging library2 weeks
aai/model-loaderLoads SDC Models into A&AI6 days
aai/resourcesAAI Resources Micro Service providing CRUD REST APIs for inventory resources24 min.
aai/rest-clientLibrary for making REST calls10 days
aai/router-coreLibrary containing the core camel components for the data router5 days
aai/search-data-serviceService for persisting data to a search database7 days
aai/sparky-beAAI user interface back end3 weeks
aai/sparky-feAAI user interface front end3 weeks
aai/test-configRepository containing test configuration for use in continuous integration31 hours
aai/traversalAAI Traversal Micro Service providing REST APIs for traversal/search of inventor...31 hours
appcAPPC Core8 days
appc/deploymentAPPC docker deployment8 days
ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, builder scripts and management related ...30 hours
dcaeTop level DCAE project8 weeks
dcae/apodTop level APOD (Analytics Platform of DCAE) project8 weeks
dcae/apod/analyticsDCAE Analytics applications2 weeks
dcae/apod/buildtoolsTools for building and packaging DCAE Analytics applications for deployment12 days
dcae/apod/cdapDCAE Analytics' CDAP cluster installation13 days
dcae/collectorsTop level for all DCAE collectors8 weeks
dcae/collectors/vesDCAE's VNF event Stream (VES) collector3 weeks
dcae/controllerDCAE Controller top level6 days
dcae/controller/analyticsDCAE Controller's service manager for Analytics4 weeks
dcae/dcae-inventoryDCAE's internal inventory agent14 days
dcae/demoDCAE demo related scripts and configurations10 days
dcae/demo/startupDCAE demo component start-up scripts8 weeks
dcae/demo/startup/aafStart-up scripts and configurations for AAF (authentication and authorization fr...6 weeks
dcae/demo/startup/controllerStart-up scripts and configurations for DCAE Controller2 weeks
dcae/demo/startup/message-routerStart-up scripts and configurations for Message Router6 days
dcae/dmaapbcDCAE's Databus Controller14 days
dcae/operationDCAE Operational Tools8 weeks
dcae/operation/utilsDCAE Logging Library4 weeks
dcae/orch-dispatcherDCAE's Orchestrator Dispatcher13 days
dcae/pgaasDCAE's Postgres As A Service7 days
dcae/utilsDCAE utilities8 weeks
dcae/utils/buildtoolsDCAE utility: package building tool8 weeks
demoDemo applications and templates for the OpenECOMP platform instantiation57 min.
ecompsdkosBase Framework for the ECOMP GUI7 hours
msoMaster Service Orchestrator2 weeks
mso/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo for mso/mso-config3 weeks
mso/docker-configMSO Docker composition and lab config template9 days
mso/libsMSO OpenStack Java SDK3 weeks
mso/mso-configmso-config Chef cookbook3 weeks
ncompSirius Operational Management Framework (SOMF) using Eclipse Modeling Framework ...8 weeks
ncomp/cdapSOMF CDAP Adaptor3 weeks
ncomp/coreSOMF Core EMF models3 weeks
ncomp/dockerSOMF Docker Adaptor3 weeks
ncomp/mavenSOMF maven projects4 weeks
ncomp/openstackSOMF OpenStack Adaptor4 weeks
ncomp/siriusSOMF core controller implementation8 weeks
ncomp/sirius/managerSOMF core controller manager implementation3 weeks
ncomp/utilsSOMF utility projects3 weeks
policy/commonCommon modules shared in Policy Components.2 weeks
policy/dockerContains the Policy Dockerfile's and docker compose script for building Policy C...2 days
policy/drools-applicationsCode for building policies/rules for the Drools PDP engine.2 weeks
policy/drools-pdpThe Drools PDP engine.12 days
policy/engineContains the Policy GUI, client SDK, API's and XACML PDP Engine.9 hours
portalOpenECOMP Portal7 days
sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE6 days
sdc/sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client11 hours
sdc/sdc-titan-cassandraSDC Rebase Cassandra9 days
sdc/sdc_commonSDC Artifact Generator Core and API7 weeks
sdnc/adaptorsSDNC Adaptors6 days
sdnc/coreSDNC Core26 min.
sdnc/northboundSDNC Northbound Interfaces27 min.
sdnc/oamSDNC OAM31 hours
sdnc/pluginsSDNC Plugins5 days
testsuiteTest Suite Parent Project. Contains and holds all the robot tests.8 hours
testsuite/heatbridgeTemporary heatbridge used to stitch together some holes in the ecomp tests for r...8 weeks
testsuite/propertiesStores properties used by robot framework. These are non-test-specific ecomp pro...4 weeks
testsuite/python-testing-utilsPython testing utils used by the robot framework. Installable as a pip package b...4 weeks
uiUser Interface Applications8 weeks
ui/dmaapbcDCAE DMaaP Bus Controller GUI based on the ECOMP base framework GUI SDK2 weeks
vidVID webapp core29 hours
vid/asdcclientVID SDC Client library8 hours