aai/aai-commonThis holds the model, annotations and common modules used across the Resources a...16 hours
aai/aai-configAAI Chef cookbooks3 weeks
aai/aai-dataAAI Chef environment files3 weeks
aai/aai-serviceAAI REST based services7 weeks
aai/data-routerAAI Micro Service used to route/persist AAI event data for consumption by the UI2 weeks
aai/logging-serviceAAI common logging library7 weeks
aai/model-loaderLoads SDC Models into A&AI16 hours
aai/resourcesAAI Resources Micro Service providing CRUD REST APIs for inventory resources7 days
aai/rest-clientLibrary for making REST calls2 weeks
aai/router-coreLibrary containing the core camel components for the data router6 weeks
aai/search-data-serviceService for persisting data to a search database2 weeks
aai/sparky-beAAI user interface back end7 days
aai/sparky-feAAI user interface front end3 weeks
aai/test-configRepository containing test configuration for use in continuous integration22 hours
aai/traversalAAI Traversal Micro Service providing REST APIs for traversal/search of inventor...7 days
appcAPPC Core6 days
appc/deploymentAPPC docker deployment5 days
ccsdkUnnamed repository18 hours
ccsdk/parentParent POMs to be used by CCSDK clients18 hours
ccsdk/sliTop level for ccsdk/sli projects18 hours
ccsdk/sli/adaptorsCommon adaptors for use by directed graphs18 hours
ccsdk/sli/coreCore Service Logic Interpreter classes18 hours
ccsdk/sli/northboundCommon northbound APIs related to service logic interpreter18 hours
ccsdk/sli/pluginsCommon plugins used by directed graphs18 hours
ccsdk/storageTop level for ccsdk/storage projects18 hours
ccsdk/storage/esaasElastic Storage as a Service18 hours
ccsdk/storage/pgaasPGAAS18 hours
ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, builder scripts and management related ...5 days
clampCLAMP is a platform for designing and managing control loops.6 days
cliProvides required Command Line Interface for ONAP5 days
dcaeTop level DCAE project3 months
dcae/apodTop level APOD (Analytics Platform of DCAE) project3 months
dcae/apod/analyticsDCAE Analytics applications2 weeks
dcae/apod/buildtoolsTools for building and packaging DCAE Analytics applications for deployment2 weeks
dcae/apod/cdapDCAE Analytics' CDAP cluster installation2 weeks
dcae/collectorsTop level for all DCAE collectors3 months
dcae/collectors/vesDCAE's VNF event Stream (VES) collector19 hours
dcae/controllerDCAE Controller top level2 weeks
dcae/controller/analyticsDCAE Controller's service manager for Analytics3 weeks
dcae/dcae-inventoryDCAE's internal inventory agent2 weeks
dcae/demoDCAE demo related scripts and configurations7 days
dcae/demo/startupDCAE demo component start-up scripts3 months
dcae/demo/startup/aafStart-up scripts and configurations for AAF (authentication and authorization fr...3 weeks
dcae/demo/startup/controllerStart-up scripts and configurations for DCAE Controller3 weeks
dcae/demo/startup/message-routerStart-up scripts and configurations for Message Router3 weeks
dcae/dmaapbcDCAE's Databus Controller2 weeks
dcae/operationDCAE Operational Tools3 months
dcae/operation/utilsDCAE Logging Library2 weeks
dcae/orch-dispatcherDCAE's Orchestrator Dispatcher3 weeks
dcae/pgaasDCAE's Postgres As A Service2 weeks
dcae/utilsDCAE utilities3 months
dcae/utils/buildtoolsDCAE utility: package building tool3 weeks
dcaegen2Unnamed repository14 hours
dcaegen2/analyticsTop level repo for dcaegen2/analytics14 hours
dcaegen2/analytics/tcaThreshold crossing analytics14 hours
dcaegen2/collectorsTop level repo for dcaegen2/collectors14 hours
dcaegen2/collectors/snmptrapSNMP Trap collector (TBD)14 hours
dcaegen2/collectors/vesVNF Event Streaming collector14 hours
dcaegen2/deploymentsFor hosting configurations and blueprints for different deployments14 hours
dcaegen2/platformTop level repo for dcaegen2/platform14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/blueprintsBlueprint for DCAE controller14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/cdapbrokerCDAP Broker14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/cliCli tool for onboarding through new dcae controller14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/configbindingConfigbinding api service14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/deployment-handlerDeployment handler14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/inventory-apiDCAE inventory API service14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/pluginsPlugin for DCAE controller14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/policy-handlerPolicy handler14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/registratorRegistrator14 hours
dcaegen2/platform/servicechange-handlerService Change handler14 hours
dcaegen2/utilsFor hosting utility/tools code used cross components14 hours
demoDemo applications and templates for ONAP platform instantiation.114 min.
dmaapUnnamed repository34 hours
docCreate and maintain documentation targeted to ONAP user audiences6 days
doc/toolsTools Documentation8 days
ecompsdkosBase SDK Framework for the ONAP GUI. The GUI applications built using this SDK c...19 hours
integrationIntegration framework, automated tools, code and scripts, best practice guidance...6 days
modelingUnnamed repository38 hours
msbUnnamed repository22 hours
msb/apigatewayService API gateway which provides client request routing, client request load b...22 hours
msb/discoveryProvides service registration and discovery for ONAP microservices, which levera...22 hours
msoMaster Service Orchestrator43 hours
mso/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo for mso/mso-config43 hours
mso/docker-configMSO Docker composition and lab config template43 hours
mso/libsMSO OpenStack Java SDK43 hours
mso/mso-configmso-config Chef cookbook43 hours
multicloudUnnamed repository6 days
multicloud/azureMicrosoft Azure6 days
multicloud/frameworkCommon components for multicloud framework6 days
multicloud/openstackOpenStack VIM6 days
multicloud/openstack/vmwareVMware Integrated OpenStack6 days
multicloud/openstack/windriverWindRiver Titanium Cloud6 days
ncompSirius Operational Management Framework (SOMF) using Eclipse Modeling Framework ...3 months
ncomp/cdapSOMF CDAP Adaptor2 weeks
ncomp/coreSOMF Core EMF models2 weeks
ncomp/dockerSOMF Docker Adaptor2 weeks
ncomp/mavenSOMF maven projects2 weeks
ncomp/openstackSOMF OpenStack Adaptor2 weeks
ncomp/siriusSOMF core controller implementation3 months
ncomp/sirius/managerSOMF core controller manager implementation2 weeks
ncomp/utilsSOMF utility projects2 weeks
onap-cliONAP Command Line Interface project9 days
oomIntroduces the ONAP Platform OOM (ONAP Operations Manager) to efficiently Deploy...64 min.
oparentOParent provides common default settings for all the projects participating in s...6 days
policy/apiPolicy CRUD and PEP enforcement client code8 days
policy/commonPolicy common shared modules6 days
policy/dockerPolicy docker image40 hours
policy/drools-applicationsCode for building policies/rules for the Drools PDP engine.7 weeks
policy/drools-pdpThe Drools PDP engine.44 hours
policy/engineContains the Policy GUI, client SDK, API's and XACML PDP Engine.8 days
policy/guiPolicy Administration GUI (Frontend)8 days
policy/papPolicy Administration (Backend)8 days
policy/pdpPolicy Decision Engines8 days
portalONAP Portal5 days
sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE6 days
sdc/jtoscaA generic TOSCA parser based on the TOSCA 1.1 spec28 hours
sdc/sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client9 days
sdc/sdc-titan-cassandraSDC Rebase Cassandra6 weeks
sdc/sdc-toscaA TOSCA parser , based on JTOSCA generic parser and complying with the ONAP SDC ...25 hours
sdc/sdc_commonSDC Artifact Generator Core and API3 months
sdnc/adaptorsSDNC adaptors5 days
sdnc/coreSDNC core platform44 hours
sdnc/northboundSDNC northbound adaptors6 days
sdnc/oamSDNC OA&M tools5 days
sdnc/pluginsSDNC plugins6 days
soService Orchestrator39 hours
so/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo39 hours
so/docker-configSO Docker composition and lab config template39 hours
so/libsSO OpenStack Java SDK39 hours
so/so-configSO config Chef cookbook39 hours
testsuiteTest Suite Parent Project. Contains and holds all the robot tests.7 days
testsuite/heatbridgeTemporary heatbridge used to stitch together some holes in the ecomp tests for r...3 months
testsuite/propertiesStores properties used by robot framework. These are non-test-specific ecomp pro...3 weeks
testsuite/python-testing-utilsPython testing utils used by the robot framework. Installable as a pip package b...3 weeks
uiUser Interface Applications3 weeks
ui/dmaapbcDCAE DMaaP Bus Controller GUI based on the ECOMP base framework GUI SDK5 weeks
usecase-uiGraphical User Interface wifor operators and end-users from the point of view of...5 days
vidVID webapp core14 days
vid/asdcclientVID SDC Client library5 weeks
vnfsdkVNF SDK & tooling Parent repo8 days
vnfsdk/complianceThis repository is for the compliance test framework.8 days
vnfsdk/functestThis repository is for the functional test framework8 days
vnfsdk/lctestThis repository is for VNF lifecycle tests8 days
vnfsdk/modelThis repository stores VNF data models8 days
vnfsdk/pkgtoolsThis repository contains vendor CI/CD vnf packaging tools.8 days
vnfsdk/refrepoThis repository is for a reference vnf repository6 days
vnfsdk/validationThis repository is used for vnf validation tools8 days