aafAAF top level commit9 months
aaf/authzThis module is used to organize all of the common artifacts and capabilities tha...13 hours
aaf/cadiCollection of Authentication and Authorization Plugins, technology specific clie...4 weeks
aaf/innoCollection of low level, dependency free classes to enable CADI and Authz. Examp...4 weeks
aaf/luapluginA lua plugin to integrate AAF with MSB, which provides centralized auth features...4 months
aaf/smsSecret Management Service that will contain the webservice as well as client cod...6 hours
aaf/sshsmA repository for softhsm modifications and hardware security plugin.14 days
aai/aai-commonThis holds the model, annotations and common modules used across the Resources a...42 hours
aai/aai-configAAI Chef cookbooks13 days
aai/aai-dataAAI Chef environment files13 days
aai/aai-serviceAAI REST based services2 months
aai/babelAAI Microservice to generate AAI model XML from SDC TOSCA CSAR artifacts6 days
aai/chameleonAbstraction service for historical database7 days
aai/champAbstraction from underlying graph storage systems that A&AI would interface with...7 days
aai/data-routerAAI Micro Service used to route/persist AAI event data for consumption by the UI3 days
aai/eisMicroservice used to manage entity identities across systems.13 days
aai/esr-guiExternal system management ui11 hours
aai/esr-serverESR backend, mainly include the function of external system reachable check and ...32 hours
aai/event-clientLibrary to manage interactions with an event bus.13 days
aai/gallifreyTransformation service between AAI-modelled data, operations and gallifrey repre...7 days
aai/gapA get and publish microservice which extracts entities from A&AI and publishes ...13 days
aai/gizmoCRUD Rest API endpoint for resources and relationships, delivering atomic intera...10 days
aai/graphadminMicroservice with various functions for graph management.13 days
aai/graphgraphMicroservice used to provide view of AAI model, schema and edge rules.10 days
aai/logging-serviceAAI common logging library3 days
aai/model-loaderLoads SDC Models into A&AI3 days
aai/resourcesAAI Resources Micro Service providing CRUD REST APIs for inventory resources42 hours
aai/rest-clientLibrary for making REST calls3 days
aai/router-coreLibrary containing the core camel components for the data router3 days
aai/search-data-serviceService for persisting data to a search database3 days
aai/sparky-beAAI user interface back end40 hours
aai/sparky-feAAI user interface front end3 days
aai/spikeMicroservice used to generate events describing changes to the graph data.13 days
aai/tabular-data-serviceMicroservice which serves as an abstraction layer to a tabular data store.13 days
aai/test-configRepository containing test configuration for use in continuous integration3 days
aai/traversalAAI Traversal Micro Service providing REST APIs for traversal/search of inventor...42 hours
appcAPPC Core14 hours
appc/cdtAPPC Configuration Design Tool.21 hours
appc/deploymentAPPC docker deployment12 hours
ccsdkUnnamed repository9 months
ccsdk/dashboardDashboard7 weeks
ccsdk/distributionCCSDK distribution packaging (e.g. docker containers)45 hours
ccsdk/parentParent POMs to be used by CCSDK clients3 days
ccsdk/platform/blueprintsBlueprints7 months
ccsdk/platform/nbapiNorthbound API3 days
ccsdk/platform/pluginsPlatform plugins3 weeks
ccsdk/sliTop level for ccsdk/sli projects10 months
ccsdk/sli/adaptorsCommon adaptors for use by directed graphs19 hours
ccsdk/sli/coreCore Service Logic Interpreter classes3 days
ccsdk/sli/northboundCommon northbound APIs related to service logic interpreter19 hours
ccsdk/sli/pluginsCommon plugins used by directed graphs3 days
ccsdk/storageTop level for ccsdk/storage projects10 months
ccsdk/storage/esaasElastic Storage as a Service7 months
ccsdk/storage/pgaasPGAAS3 days
ccsdk/utilsUtilities3 days
ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, builder scripts and management related ...3 days
claUnnamed repository7 weeks
clampCLAMP is a platform for designing and managing control loops.2 hours
cliProvides required Command Line Interface for ONAP24 hours
dcaeTop level DCAE project - Locked as per request #456714 months
dcae/apodTop level APOD (Analytics Platform of DCAE) project - Locked as per request #456...7 months
dcae/apod/analyticsDCAE Analytics applications - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/apod/buildtoolsTools for building and packaging DCAE Analytics applications for deployment - Lo...7 months
dcae/apod/cdapDCAE Analytics' CDAP cluster installation - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/collectorsTop level for all DCAE collectors - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/collectors/vesDCAE's VNF event Stream (VES) collector - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/controllerDCAE Controller top level - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/controller/analyticsDCAE Controller's service manager for Analytics - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/dcae-inventoryDCAE's internal inventory agent - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/demoDCAE demo related scripts and configurations - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/demo/startupDCAE demo component start-up scripts - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/demo/startup/aafStart-up scripts and configurations for AAF (authentication and authorization fr...7 months
dcae/demo/startup/controllerStart-up scripts and configurations for DCAE Controller - Locked as per request ...7 months
dcae/demo/startup/message-routerStart-up scripts and configurations for Message Router - Locked as per request #...7 months
dcae/dmaapbcDCAE's Databus Controller - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/operationDCAE Operational Tools - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/operation/utilsDCAE Logging Library - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/orch-dispatcherDCAE's Orchestrator Dispatcher - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/pgaasDCAE's Postgres As A Service - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/utilsDCAE utilities - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcae/utils/buildtoolsDCAE utility: package building tool - Locked as per request #456717 months
dcaegen2Unnamed repository3 days
dcaegen2/analyticsTop level repo for dcaegen2/analytics2 months
dcaegen2/analytics/flinkFlink analytics3 months
dcaegen2/analytics/pndaPNDA analytics3 months
dcaegen2/analytics/tcaThreshold crossing analytics3 days
dcaegen2/collectorsTop level repo for dcaegen2/collectors2 months
dcaegen2/collectors/snmptrapSNMP Trap collector (TBD)3 days
dcaegen2/collectors/vesVNF Event Streaming collector45 hours
dcaegen2/deploymentsFor hosting configurations and blueprints for different deployments44 hours
dcaegen2/platformTop level repo for dcaegen2/platform5 months
dcaegen2/platform/blueprintsBlueprint for DCAE controller3 days
dcaegen2/platform/cdapbrokerCDAP Broker3 days
dcaegen2/platform/cliCli tool for onboarding through new dcae controller5 weeks
dcaegen2/platform/configbindingConfigbinding api service13 hours
dcaegen2/platform/deployment-handlerDeployment handler3 days
dcaegen2/platform/inventory-apiDCAE inventory API service3 days
dcaegen2/platform/pluginsPlugin for DCAE controller3 days
dcaegen2/platform/policy-handlerPolicy handler3 days
dcaegen2/platform/registratorRegistrator2 months
dcaegen2/platform/servicechange-handlerService Change handler3 days
dcaegen2/services/heartbeatMissing Heartbeat Micro Services6 days
dcaegen2/services/mapperMapper Micro Services46 hours
dcaegen2/services/prhPNF Registration Handler47 hours
dcaegen2/utilsFor hosting utility/tools code used cross components3 days
demoDemo applications and templates for ONAP platform instantiation.11 hours
dmaapUnnamed repository8 months
dmaap/buscontrollerIt is a docker container that implements the dbcapi. It optionally can be deploy...40 hours
dmaap/datarouterThe Data Routing System project is intended to provide a common framework by whi...8 weeks
dmaap/dbcapiProvides a northbound REST API to ONAP clients to manage DMaaP resources. This i...38 hours
dmaap/messagerouterMessage Router is a reliable, high-volume pub/sub messaging service with a RESTf...8 months
dmaap/messagerouter/dmaapclientIt's a message router client. uses DME2 ( Direct Messaging Engine ) library to l...3 days
dmaap/messagerouter/messageserviceCreates a service for Message Router in a container16 hours
dmaap/messagerouter/mirroragentReplicates Message Router clusters (copies data from one cluster to another)3 days
dmaap/messagerouter/msgrtrProvides REST API for messaging. It is built on top of Apache Kafka.3 days
docCreate and maintain documentation targeted to ONAP user audiences5 min.
doc/toolsTools Documentation10 months
ecompsdkosBase SDK Framework for the ONAP GUI. The GUI applications built using this SDK c...4 months
externalapiexternalapi Top level repo10 months
externalapi/nbiInitial Code for External API Northbound (Legato) agent.84 min.
holmesUnnamed repository10 months
holmes/commonIt provides some common tools in support of other modules of Holmes.3 days
holmes/dsaA repo which is used to deposit and organize data source adapters.3 days
holmes/engine-managementThis component is designed for the engine management in Holmes. It's mainly resp...3 days
holmes/rule-managementThis component is designed for the rule management in Holmes. It implements the ...3 days
integrationIntegration framework, automated tools, code and scripts, best practice guidance...105 min.
integration/devtoolThis project provides an automated tool for provisioning ONAP development enviro...2 days
integration/seccomThis repo holds web pages and scripts useful to the ONAP Security Sub Committee ...3 months
logging-analyticsUnnamed repository2 weeks
modelingUnnamed repository9 months
modeling/modelspecThe repository for modeling specification published by modeling subcommittee10 days
modeling/toscaparsersThe repository for all tosca parsers3 days
modeling/yangvalidatorsThe repository for all yang parsers10 months
msbUnnamed repository9 months
msb/apigatewayService API gateway which provides client request routing, client request load b...2 weeks
msb/discoveryProvides service registration and discovery for ONAP microservices, which levera...3 days
msb/java-sdkProvides a JAVA SDK for rapid microservices development, including service regis...3 days
msb/swagger-sdkSwagger sdk helps to generate swagger.json and java client sdk during the build ...3 days
msoMaster Service Orchestrator4 months
mso/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo for mso/mso-config10 months
mso/docker-configMSO Docker composition and lab config template10 months
mso/libsMSO OpenStack Java SDK10 months
mso/mso-configmso-config Chef cookbook10 months
multicloudUnnamed repository10 months
multicloud/azureMicrosoft Azure7 weeks
multicloud/frameworkCommon components for multicloud framework3 days
multicloud/k8sTo contain a POC for Kubernetes plugin2 weeks
multicloud/openstackOpenStack VIM9 hours
multicloud/openstack/vmwareVMware Integrated OpenStack3 days
multicloud/openstack/windriverWindRiver Titanium Cloud10 months
musicThis repo contains the code for a multi-site coordination service (MUSIC) and as...6 days
music/distributed-kv-storeSource code to read initial configuration date into KV Store.6 days
ncompSirius Operational Management Framework (SOMF) using Eclipse Modeling Framework ...4 months
ncomp/cdapSOMF CDAP Adaptor - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/coreSOMF Core EMF models - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/dockerSOMF Docker Adaptor - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/mavenSOMF maven projects - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/openstackSOMF OpenStack Adaptor - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/siriusSOMF core controller implementation - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/sirius/managerSOMF core controller manager implementation - Locked as per request #456717 months
ncomp/utilsSOMF utility projects - Locked as per request #456717 months
onap-cliONAP Command Line Interface project10 months
oomIntroduces the ONAP Platform OOM (ONAP Operations Manager) to efficiently Deploy...12 hours
oom/registratorRegister the service endpoints to MSB so it can be used for service request rout...5 weeks
oparentOParent provides common default settings for all the projects participating in s...3 days
optfUnnamed repository10 months
optf/cmsoChange management scheduling service2 months
optf/hasHoming and allocation service45 hours
optf/osdfOptimization service design framework23 hours
policy/apiPolicy CRUD and PEP enforcement client code6 weeks
policy/commonPolicy common shared modules3 days
policy/dockerPolicy docker image7 min.
policy/drools-applicationsCode for building policies/rules for the Drools PDP engine.20 hours
policy/drools-pdpThe Drools PDP engine.6 min.
policy/engineContains the Policy GUI, client SDK, API's and XACML PDP Engine.5 min.
policy/guiPolicy Administration GUI (Frontend)6 weeks
policy/papPolicy Administration (Backend)6 weeks
policy/pdpCommon code shared between PDP engines.6 weeks
portalONAP Portal14 hours
portal/sdkUnnamed repository45 hours
sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE21 hours
sdc/dcae-d/ciDCAE Designer End To End Testing suite27 hours
sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-mainDCAE Designer Back End Logic27 hours
sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-propertyDCAE Designer common datatypes and properties27 hours
sdc/dcae-d/feDCAE Designer Front End UI27 hours
sdc/dcae-d/rule-engineDCAE Designer Rule Engine Front End UI4 weeks
sdc/dcae-d/tosca-labDCAE Designer Tosca Lab tool to create Blueprint and Generate Tosca models27 hours
sdc/jtoscaA generic TOSCA parser based on the TOSCA 1.1 spec3 days
sdc/onap-uiUI library containing different components, fonts and styles used by SDC and the...5 weeks
sdc/sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client3 days
sdc/sdc-docker-baseSDC base docker creation project26 hours
sdc/sdc-titan-cassandraSDC Rebase Cassandra3 days
sdc/sdc-toscaA TOSCA parser , based on JTOSCA generic parser and complying with the ONAP SDC ...3 days
sdc/sdc-vnfdesignA graphic design tool for TOSCA based VNF.9 months
sdc/sdc-workflow-designerA graphic design tool for service life cycle management workflow design.3 days
sdc/sdc_commonSDC Artifact Generator Core and API7 months
sdnc/adaptorsSDNC adaptors2 months
sdnc/appsSDNC applications (e.g. SDN-R)8 weeks
sdnc/architectureSDNC architectural artifacts (e.g. blueprints)2 months
sdnc/coreSDNC core platform2 months
sdnc/featuresSDNC Karaf features5 weeks
sdnc/northboundSDNC northbound adaptors3 days
sdnc/oamSDNC OA&M tools18 hours
sdnc/parentParent POMs to be used by SDNC components2 months
sdnc/pluginsSDNC plugins5 months
soService Orchestrator8 hours
so/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo34 hours
so/docker-configSO Docker composition and lab config template34 hours
so/libsSO OpenStack Java SDK3 days
so/so-configSO config Chef cookbook41 min.
testsuiteTest Suite Parent Project. Contains and holds all the robot tests.13 hours
testsuite/heatbridgeTemporary heatbridge used to stitch together some holes in the ecomp tests for r...3 days
testsuite/propertiesStores properties used by robot framework. These are non-test-specific ecomp pro...38 hours
testsuite/python-testing-utilsPython testing utils used by the robot framework. Installable as a pip package b...3 days
uiUser Interface Applications4 months
ui/dmaapbcDCAE DMaaP Bus Controller GUI based on the ECOMP base framework GUI SDK3 weeks
universityUniversity training courses for users, developers and any other interested parti...4 months
usecase-uiGraphical User Interface wifor operators and end-users from the point of view of...3 days
usecase-ui/serverData management for Usecase UI107 min.
vfcVFC top repo10 months
vfc/gvnfmgvnfm Top level repo10 months
vfc/gvnfm/vnflcmGeneric VNFM VNF LCM3 days
vfc/gvnfm/vnfmgrGeneric VNFM VNF Mgr9 hours
vfc/gvnfm/vnfresGeneric VNFM VNF Resource Management3 days
vfc/nfvonfvo top level repo10 months
vfc/nfvo/catalogNS and VNF catalog27 hours
vfc/nfvo/drivernfvo/driver Top level repo10 months
vfc/nfvo/driver/emsVNF fcaps collect3 days
vfc/nfvo/driver/sfcSFC Driver3 days
vfc/nfvo/driver/vnfmvfc/nfvo/driver/vnfm top level repo10 months
vfc/nfvo/driver/vnfm/gvnfmGeneric VNFM driver3 days
vfc/nfvo/driver/vnfm/svnfmSpecific VNFM drivers3 days
vfc/nfvo/lcmNS lifecycle management9 hours
vfc/nfvo/multivimproxyMulti-vim proxy, provide the multivim indirect mode proxy which can forward virt...2 weeks
vfc/nfvo/resmanagementNS Resource Management3 days
vfc/nfvo/wfengineWork flow engine3 days
vidVID webapp core2 days
vid/asdcclientVID SDC Client library3 months
vnfrqtsvnfrqts Top level commit10 months
vnfrqts/epicsThis repository contains Epic Statements for VNFs for use with the ONAP platfor...10 months
vnfrqts/guidelinesThis repository contains Guidelines for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform11 days
vnfrqts/requirementsThis repository contains Requirements for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform48 hours
vnfrqts/testcasesThis repository contains test case descriptions for VNFs for use with the ONAP ...13 days
vnfrqts/usecasesThis repository contains Use cases for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform.10 days
vnfsdkVNF SDK & tooling Parent repo10 months
vnfsdk/complianceThis repository is for the compliance test framework.3 months
vnfsdk/dovetail-integrationFor artifacts related to the integration with the OPNFV Dovetail tool3 weeks
vnfsdk/functestThis repository is for the functional test framework8 days
vnfsdk/iceThis repository is for ice tools2 weeks
vnfsdk/lctestThis repository is for VNF lifecycle tests7 months
vnfsdk/modelThis repository stores VNF data models2 weeks
vnfsdk/pkgtoolsThis repository contains vendor CI/CD vnf packaging tools.2 weeks
vnfsdk/refrepoThis repository is for a reference vnf repository33 min.
vnfsdk/validationThis repository is used for vnf validation tools16 hours
vnfsdk/ves-agentUnnamed repository9 days
vvpvvp Top level repo10 months
vvp/ansible-ice-bootstrapAn Ansible role for the configuration of a bootstrap node for the vvp environmen...10 months
vvp/cmsA Django/Mezzanine CMS-based application, used by the vvp application.10 days
vvp/devkitThis repo contains tooling and documentation around deploying ICE virtual, and b...5 months
vvp/documentationA full set of documentation of how to run the validation, the technology stack a...5 months
vvp/engagementmgrThe backend for the vvp application, based on Django.10 days
vvp/gitlabA containerization of GitLab, used by the vvp application.2 weeks
vvp/image-scannerAn image validation engine used by the vvp application. Scans disk images for se...8 days
vvp/jenkinsA containerization of Jenkins and associated resources used by the vvp applicati...3 weeks
vvp/portalThe frontend for the vvp application, based on Angular.10 days
vvp/postgresqlA containerization of the PostgreSQL database (will be retired soon in favor of ...2 weeks
vvp/test-engineUnnamed repository3 weeks
vvp/validation-scriptsA set of validation a scripts utilized by the vvp application.3 days