aafARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
aaf/authzARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
aaf/cadiARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
aaf/certserviceARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
aaf/inno2 years
aaf/luapluginA lua plugin to integrate AAF with MSB, which provides centralized auth features...19 months
aaf/oomARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
aaf/smsSecret Management Service that will contain the webservice as well as client cod...19 months
aaf/sshsmA repository for softhsm modifications and hardware security plugin.19 months
aaiAAI Parent Project (ACLs only)8 months
aai/aai-commonThis holds the model, annotations and common modules used across the Resources a...11 hours
aai/aai-config2 years
aai/aai-data2 years
aai/aai-service2 years
aai/babelAAI Microservice to generate AAI model XML from SDC TOSCA CSAR artifacts3 weeks
aai/cacherThe Response Caching Microservice (Cacher) is built to deliver multiple mechanis...14 months
aai/chameleon2 years
aai/champ2 years
aai/data-routerAAI Micro Service used to route/persist AAI event data for consumption by the UI23 months
aai/eis2 years
aai/enricher2 years
aai/esr-guiExternal system management ui2 years
aai/esr-serverESR backend, mainly include the function of external system reachable check and ...2 years
aai/event-clientLibrary to manage interactions with an event bus.10 months
aai/gallifrey2 years
aai/gap2 years
aai/gizmo2 years
aai/graphadminMicroservice with various functions for graph management.11 hours
aai/graphgraphMicroservice used to provide view of AAI model, schema and edge rules.5 weeks
aai/logging-serviceAAI common logging library6 weeks
aai/model-loaderLoads SDC Models into A&AI10 days
aai/oom9 months
aai/resourcesAAI Resources Micro Service providing CRUD REST APIs for inventory resources10 days
aai/rest-clientLibrary for making REST calls5 weeks
aai/router-coreLibrary containing the core camel components for the data router23 months
aai/schema-service3 days
aai/search-data-serviceService for persisting data to a search database23 months
aai/sparky-beAAI user interface back end3 weeks
aai/sparky-feAAI user interface front end6 weeks
aai/spike2 years
aai/tabular-data-service2 years
aai/test-configRepository containing test configuration for use in continuous integration3 months
aai/traversalAAI Traversal Micro Service providing REST APIs for traversal/search of inventor...11 hours
aai/validationMicroservice used to invoke validation mechanism23 months
appcARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
appc/cdtAPPC Configuration Design Tool.19 months
appc/deploymentAPPC docker deployment19 months
appc/parentAPPC parent artifacts19 months
ccsdkccsdk Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
ccsdk/appsApplications intended to run as their own dockers (e.g micro services)11 days
ccsdk/cdsController Design Studio (design-time tool : evolution of appc/cdt)6 hours
ccsdk/dashboardDashboard15 months
ccsdk/distributionCCSDK distribution packaging (e.g. docker containers)6 hours
ccsdk/featuresCCSDK Karaf features6 hours
ccsdk/odl-legacyUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 weeks
ccsdk/odl-legacy-2Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.2 months
ccsdk/oranccsdk-oran6 hours
ccsdk/parentParent POMs to be used by CCSDK clients8 hours
ccsdk/platform/blueprintsBlueprints2 years
ccsdk/platform/nbapi2 years
ccsdk/platform/plugins22 months
ccsdk/sliContains code for Service Logic Interpreter (SLI)6 hours
ccsdk/sli/adaptorsCommon adaptors for use by directed graphs23 months
ccsdk/sli/coreCore Service Logic Interpreter classes24 months
ccsdk/sli/northboundCommon northbound APIs related to service logic interpreter22 months
ccsdk/sli/pluginsCommon plugins used by directed graphs24 months
ccsdk/storage/esaasElastic Storage as a Service2 years
ccsdk/storage/pgaas2 years
ccsdk/utilsUtilities14 months
ci-managementManagement repo for Jenkins Job Builder, builder scripts and management related ...4 hours
clampCLAMP is a platform for designing and managing control loops. Archived.13 months
clamp/dashboardARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
clamp/oomARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
clamp/uiARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
cliProvides required Command Line Interface for ONAP2 weeks
cps"cps"8 hours
cps/cps-tbdmt"cps-tbdmt"4 months
cps/cps-temporal"cps-temporal"12 hours
cps/ncmp-dmi-plugin"ncmp-dmi-plugin"2 weeks
dcae2 years
dcae/apod2 years
dcae/apod/analytics2 years
dcae/apod/buildtools2 years
dcae/apod/cdap2 years
dcae/collectors2 years
dcae/collectors/ves2 years
dcae/controller2 years
dcae/controller/analytics2 years
dcae/dcae-inventory2 years
dcae/demo2 years
dcae/demo/startup2 years
dcae/demo/startup/aaf2 years
dcae/demo/startup/controller2 years
dcae/demo/startup/message-router2 years
dcae/dmaapbc2 years
dcae/operation2 years
dcae/operation/utils2 years
dcae/orch-dispatcher2 years
dcae/pgaas2 years
dcae/utils2 years
dcae/utils/buildtools2 years
dcaegen2dcaegen2 Parent Project (ACLs only)37 hours
dcaegen2/analyticsTop level repo for dcaegen2/analytics2 years
dcaegen2/analytics/flinkFlink analytics2 years
dcaegen2/analytics/pndaPNDA analytics2 years
dcaegen2/analytics/tca2 years
dcaegen2/analytics/tca-gen2Standalone (SA) TCA6 weeks
dcaegen2/collectorsTop level repo for dcaegen2/collectors2 years
dcaegen2/collectors/datafileData File collector6 weeks
dcaegen2/collectors/hv-vesHigh Volume VES Collector6 weeks
dcaegen2/collectors/restconfRESTConf Collector6 weeks
dcaegen2/collectors/snmptrapSNMP Trap collector (TBD)6 weeks
dcaegen2/collectors/vesVNF Event Streaming collector2 weeks
dcaegen2/deploymentsFor hosting configurations and blueprints for different deployments6 weeks
dcaegen2/platformTop level repo for dcaegen2/platform4 weeks
dcaegen2/platform/blueprintsBlueprint for DCAE controller7 months
dcaegen2/platform/cdapbroker2 years
dcaegen2/platform/cli2 years
dcaegen2/platform/configbindingConfigbinding api service13 months
dcaegen2/platform/deployment-handlerDeployment handler17 months
dcaegen2/platform/inventory-apiDCAE inventory API service17 months
dcaegen2/platform/pluginsPlugin for DCAE controller13 months
dcaegen2/platform/policy-handlerPolicy handler17 months
dcaegen2/platform/registrator2 years
dcaegen2/platform/servicechange-handlerService Change handler17 months
dcaegen2/platform/ves-openapi-manager"dcaegen2-platform-ves-openapi-manager"7 hours
dcaegen2/services5 min.
dcaegen2/services/heartbeatMissing Heartbeat Micro Services9 days
dcaegen2/services/mapperMapper Micro Services6 weeks
dcaegen2/services/pm-mapperMapper to process files from DR and transform to VES4 hours
dcaegen2/services/prhPNF Registration Handler6 weeks
dcaegen2/services/sdkCommon SDK repo for all DCAE Services (R4)10 days
dcaegen2/services/son-handler4 hours
dcaegen2/utilsFor hosting utility/tools code used cross components6 weeks
demoDemo applications and templates for ONAP platform instantiation.14 days
dmaapdmaap Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
dmaap/buscontrollerProvides a northbound REST API to ONAP clients to manage DMaaP resources. This i...3 weeks
dmaap/datarouterThe Data Routing System project is intended to provide a common framework by whi...3 weeks
dmaap/dbcapiProvides a northbound REST API to ONAP clients to manage DMaaP resources. This i...19 months
dmaap/kafka11aafCreates the AAF plugin for Kafka and creates the Kafka image with the AAF plugin...5 months
dmaap/messagerouter/dmaapclientIt's a message router client. uses DME2 ( Direct Messaging Engine ) library to l...3 weeks
dmaap/messagerouter/messageserviceCreates a service for Message Router in a container.39 hours
dmaap/messagerouter/mirroragentReplicates Message Router clusters (copies data from one cluster to another) - ...12 months
dmaap/messagerouter/msgrtrProvides REST API for messaging. It is built on top of Apache Kafka. ( READ ONLY...17 months
dmaap/zookeeperCreates the Zookeeper image for the DMaaP Message Router - ARCHIVED5 months
docCreate and maintain documentation targeted to ONAP user audiences3 days
ecompsdkos2 years
externalapiARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
externalapi/nbiARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project4 months
holmesholmes Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
holmes/commonIt provides some common tools in support of other modules of Holmes.5 weeks
holmes/dsa2 years
holmes/engine-managementThis component is designed for the engine management in Holmes. It's mainly resp...11 days
holmes/rule-managementThis component is designed for the rule management in Holmes. It implements the ...3 days
integrationIntegration framework, automated tools, code and scripts, best practice guidance...11 hours
integration/benchmark2 years
integration/csitThis repo holds all the Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT) configurati...5 weeks
integration/data-provider"integration/data-provider"7 days
integration/devtool2 years
integration/docker/onap-java115 weeks
integration/docker/onap-python5 weeks
integration/ietf-actn-tools"integration_ietf_actn_tools"6 weeks
integration/onap-component-simulators"integration/onap-component-simulators"4 weeks
integration/pipelines/chained-ci"integration/pipelines/chained-ci"6 weeks
integration/pipelines/oom-automatic-installation"integration/pipelines/oom-automatic-installation"14 days
integration/pipelines/xtesting-onap"integration/pipelines/xtesting-onap"6 weeks
integration/python-onapsdk"integration/python-onapsdk"7 days
integration/seccomThis repo holds web pages and scripts useful to the ONAP Security Sub Committee ...5 weeks
integration/simulatorsParent for all integration/simulators repos3 months
integration/simulators/5G-core-nf-simulator"integration_simulators_5G_core_nf_simulator"6 weeks
integration/simulators/A1-policy-enforcement-simulator"integration_simulators_A1_policy_enforcement"6 weeks
integration/simulators/core-nssmf-simulator"integration_simulators_core_nssmf_simulator"3 weeks
integration/simulators/dc-simulator"integration_simulators_dc_simulator"14 months
integration/simulators/masspnf-simulator"integration_simulators_masspnf_simulator" - READ ONLY. Repo Archived.14 months
integration/simulators/nf-simulator"integration_simulators_nf_simulator"6 weeks
integration/simulators/nf-simulator/avcn-manager"integration_simulators_avcn_manager"6 weeks
integration/simulators/nf-simulator/netconf-server"integration_simulators_netconf_server"6 weeks
integration/simulators/nf-simulator/pm-https-server"integration_simulators_pm_https_server"6 weeks
integration/simulators/nf-simulator/ves-client"integration_simulators_ves_client"6 weeks
integration/simulators/pnf-simulator"integration_simulators_pnf_simulator"6 weeks
integration/simulators/ran-appUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 days
integration/simulators/ran-nssmf-simulator"integration_simulators_ran_nssmf_simulator"6 weeks
integration/simulators/ran-simulator7 days
integration/terraform"integration/terraform" - READ ONLY. Repo Archived.6 months
integration/terragrunt"integration/terragrunt" - READ ONLY. Repo Archived.14 months
integration/usecases/A1-policy-enforcement"integration_usecases_A1_policy_enforcement"6 weeks
integration/usecases/A1-policy-enforcement-r-apps"integration_usecases_A1_policy_enforcement_r_apps"6 weeks
integration/usecases/bbsRepository to host BBS use case code. This code is currently under demo with all...14 months
integration/usecases/mdons"integration_usecases_mdons"14 months
integration/xtestingThis is a demo project.5 weeks
logging-analyticsARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project9 weeks
logging-analytics/pomba2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-aai-context-builder2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-audit-common2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-context-aggregator2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-network-discovery-context-builder2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-sdc-context-builder2 years
logging-analytics/pomba/pomba-sdnc-context-builder2 years
modeling/etsicatalog4 days
modeling/javatoscachecker2 years
modeling/modelspecThe repository for modeling specification published by modeling subcommittee11 days
modeling/toscaparsersARCHIVED- 2022-03-23 at the request of the project Issue ID: IT-237458 months
msbmsb Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
msb/apigatewayService API gateway which provides client request routing, client request load b...3 weeks
msb/discoveryProvides service registration and discovery for ONAP microservices, which levera...3 weeks
msb/java-sdkProvides a JAVA SDK for rapid microservices development, including service regis...3 weeks
msb/service-meshService mesh (Istio) related source codes, which includes the following:14 months
msb/swagger-sdkSwagger sdk helps to generate swagger.json and java client sdk during the build ...3 weeks
mso2 years
mso/chef-repo2 years
mso/docker-config2 years
mso/libs2 years
mso/mso-config2 years
multicloudmulticloud Parent Project (ACLs only)7 months
multicloud/azureMicrosoft Azure21 months
multicloud/frameworkCommon components for multicloud framework4 days
multicloud/k8sTo contain a POC for Kubernetes plugin3 days
multicloud/openstackOpenStack VIM7 months
multicloud/openstack/vmwareVMware Integrated OpenStack15 months
multicloud/openstack/windriverWindRiver Titanium Cloud15 months
musicThis repo contains the code for a multi-site coordination service (MUSIC) and as...19 months
music/distributed-kv-storeARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
music/mdbcThe most crucial recipe is a multi-site database cache (mdbc) that enable ONAP c...19 months
music/promMUSIC provides a recipe for policy-driven ownership management (prom) of state f...19 months
ncomp2 years
ncomp/cdap2 years
ncomp/core2 years
ncomp/docker2 years
ncomp/maven2 years
ncomp/openstack2 years
ncomp/sirius2 years
ncomp/sirius/manager2 years
ncomp/utils2 years
oomIntroduces the ONAP Platform OOM (ONAP Operations Manager) to efficiently Deploy...6 hours
oom/consul"oom/consul"6 weeks
oom/offline-installerThis repo contains SRC code for offline installer solution. It can be primarily ...2 weeks
oom/platform/cert-manager"oom/platform/cert-manager"12 months
oom/platform/cert-service"oom/platform/cert-service"2 weeks
oom/platform/keycloak"oom/platform/keycloak"6 weeks
oom/readiness"oom_readiness"6 weeks
oom/registratorRegister the service endpoints to MSB so it can be used for service request rout...5 weeks
oom/utils"oom/utils"6 weeks
oparentOParent provides common default settings for all the projects participating in s...5 weeks
oparent/ciaDockerfile optimization and best practices2 years
optfoptf Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
optf/cmsoChange management scheduling service18 months
optf/fgps2 years
optf/hasHoming and allocation service2 weeks
optf/osdfOptimization service design framework4 days
osa4 days
policy/apex-pdpThis repo will hold the next generation Apex PDP engine (Casablanca)10 hours
policy/apiPolicy CRUD and PEP enforcement client code4 days
policy/clamp"policy-clamp"9 hours
policy/commonPolicy common shared modules4 weeks
policy/core2 years
policy/distributionThis repo will hold the SDC Service Distriution code (Casablanca)4 days
policy/dockerPolicy docker image9 hours
policy/drools-applicationsCode for building policies/rules for the Drools PDP engine.4 days
policy/drools-pdpThe Drools PDP engine.4 days
policy/engine-- Archived 06/09/2021 18 months
policy/guiPolicy Administration GUI (Frontend). Archived as per RT692872 days
policy/modelsThis repo will hold model code agnostic to PDP engines (Casablanca)4 days
policy/papPolicy Administration (Backend)4 days
policy/parentParent code that holds the pom.xml to build all the repos (Casablanca)10 hours
policy/pdp2 years
policy/xacml-pdpThis repo will hold the next generation XACML PDP engine (Casablanca)4 days
portalARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
portal/sdkARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
relman"relman"4 months
sandbox-2Sandbox-2, just for various testing purposes. Mainly prolog rules together with ...14 months
sandbox-3Inherits from sandbox-2, to test prolog rules.14 months
sandbox-vid2 years
sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE11 hours
sdc/dcae-d/ci2 years
sdc/dcae-d/dt2 years
sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-main22 months
sdc/dcae-d/dt-be-property2 years
sdc/dcae-d/fe2 years
sdc/dcae-d/rule-engine2 years
sdc/dcae-d/tosca-lab2 years
sdc/jtosca2 years
sdc/microservices2 years
sdc/onap-ui2 years
sdc/onap-ui-angularAn Angular UI library containing different components, fonts and styles used by ...8 months
sdc/onap-ui-commonA common UI library containing different components, fonts and styles used by SD...8 months
sdc/onap-ui-react2 years
sdc/sdc-be-common37 hours
sdc/sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client2 weeks
sdc/sdc-docker-baseSDC base docker creation project5 months
sdc/sdc-helm-validator"sdc-helm-validator"9 months
sdc/sdc-pubsubPublish Subscribe library using post message for sdc plugins.8 months
sdc/sdc-titan-cassandra2 years
sdc/sdc-toscaA TOSCA parser , based on JTOSCA generic parser and complying with the ONAP SDC ...10 hours
sdc/sdc-workflow-designerA graphic design tool for service life cycle management workflow design.35 hours
sdnc/adaptors2 years
sdnc/appsSDNC applications (e.g. SDN-R)7 months
sdnc/architecture2 years
sdnc/core2 years
sdnc/features2 years
sdnc/northboundSDNC northbound adaptors5 weeks
sdnc/oamSDNC OA&M tools3 days
sdnc/parent2 years
sdnc/plugins2 years
soService Orchestrator16 hours
so/adapters/so-cnf-adapter"so-adapters-so-cnf-adapter"6 weeks
so/adapters/so-etsi-sol003-adapter"so-adapters-so-etsi-sol003-adapter"4 weeks
so/adapters/so-etsi-sol005-adapter"so-adapters-so-etsi-sol005-adapter"9 months
so/adapters/so-nssmf-adapter"so-adapters-so-nssmf-adapter"6 weeks
so/adapters/so-oof-adapter"so-adapters-so-oof-adapter"9 months
so/chef-repoBerkshelf environment repo2 years
so/docker-configSO Docker composition and lab config template22 months
so/libsSO OpenStack Java SDK9 months
so/so-admin-cockpit"so-so-admin-cockpit"9 months
so/so-configSO config Chef cookbook2 years
so/so-etsi-nfvo"so-so-etsi-nfvo"9 months
spark-model-runner2 years
testsuiteTest Suite Parent Project. Contains and holds all the robot tests.11 days
testsuite/cds"testsuite-cds"6 weeks
testsuite/cds-mock-odl"testsuite-cds-mock-odl"6 weeks
testsuite/cds-mock-server"testsuite-cds-mock-server"8 months
testsuite/cds-mock-ssh"testsuite-cds-mock-ssh"8 months
testsuite/heatbridgeTemporary heatbridge used to stitch together some holes in the ecomp tests for r...14 months
testsuite/oom5 weeks
testsuite/python-testing-utilsPython testing utils used by the robot framework. Installable as a pip package b...38 hours
testsuite/pythonsdk-tests"testsuite-pythonsdk-tests"5 weeks
testsuite/robot-utils"testsuite-robot-utils"5 weeks
ui2 years
ui/dmaapbc2 years
universityUniversity training courses for users, developers and any other interested parti...2 years
usecase-uiGraphical User Interface wifor operators and end-users from the point of view of...3 days
usecase-ui/intent-analysis"usecase_ui_intent_analysis"38 hours
usecase-ui/nlp"usecase_ui_nlp"5 weeks
usecase-ui/serverData management for Usecase UI3 weeks
vfcVFC Parent Project (ACLs only)2 years
vfc/gvnfm/vnflcmGeneric VNFM VNF LCM3 months
vfc/gvnfm/vnfmgrGeneric VNFM VNF Mgr7 months
vfc/gvnfm/vnfresGeneric VNFM VNF Resource Management7 months
vfc/nfvo/catalog2 years
vfc/nfvo/dbStand-alone database microservice, provides the database services for each VF-C ...14 months
vfc/nfvo/driver/ems2 years
vfc/nfvo/driver/sfc2 years
vfc/nfvo/driver/vnfm/gvnfmGeneric VNFM driver7 months
vfc/nfvo/driver/vnfm/svnfmSpecific VNFM drivers7 weeks
vfc/nfvo/lcmNS lifecycle management5 days
vfc/nfvo/multivimproxy2 years
vfc/nfvo/resmanagement2 years
vfc/nfvo/wfengine2 years
vidARCHIVED- 2022-02-15 at the request of the project10 months
vid/asdcclient2 years
vnfrqtsvnfrqts Top level commit2 years
vnfrqts/epicsThis repository contains Epic Statements for VNFs for use with the ONAP platfor...13 months
vnfrqts/guidelinesThis repository contains Guidelines for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform2 weeks
vnfrqts/requirementsThis repository contains Requirements for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform7 weeks
vnfrqts/testcasesThis repository contains test case descriptions for VNFs for use with the ONAP ...2 weeks
vnfrqts/usecasesThis repository contains Use cases for VNFs for use with the ONAP platform.2 weeks
vnfsdkVNF SDK & tooling Parent repo (ACLs only)2 years
vnfsdk/compliance2 years
vnfsdk/dovetail-integrationFor artifacts related to the integration with the OPNFV Dovetail tool7 weeks
vnfsdk/functestThis repository is for the functional test framework7 weeks
vnfsdk/ice2 years
vnfsdk/lctestThis repository is for VNF lifecycle tests7 weeks
vnfsdk/modelThis repository stores VNF data models2 weeks
vnfsdk/pkgtoolsThis repository contains vendor CI/CD vnf packaging tools.7 weeks
vnfsdk/refrepoThis repository is for a reference vnf repository7 weeks
vnfsdk/validationThis repository is used for vnf validation tools7 weeks
vnfsdk/ves-agentARCHIVED- 2022-02-14 at the request of the project10 months
vvpvvp Parent repo (ACLs only)2 years
vvp/ansible-ice-bootstrap2 years
vvp/cms2 years
vvp/devkit2 years
vvp/documentationA full set of documentation of how to run the validation, the technology stack a...6 months
vvp/engagementmgr**ARCHIVE** engagementmgr2 years
vvp/gitlab2 years
vvp/image-scanner2 years
vvp/jenkins2 years
vvp/portal2 years
vvp/postgresql2 years
vvp/regression-tests2 years
vvp/test-engine2 months
vvp/validation-scriptsValidation scripts to validate VNF heat templates adhere to the heat template re...15 months