BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSupport custom hostname for Portal UIGary Wu8 hours
casablancaSupport custom hostname for Portal UIGary Wu8 hours
beijingupdate nbi image versionQuoc-Nghia Nguyen3 months
2.0.0-ONAPUse 2.0.0-ONAP tag instead beijing branchGary Wu6 months
amsterdamMerge "Rename RC file extensions to match master branch" into amsterdamHelen Chen9 months
3.0.0-ONAPcommit ec746e068a...Jessica Wagantall12 days
3.0.0commit ec746e068a...Jessica Wagantall12 days
2.0.0-ONAPcommit 0c06b23e42...Jessica Wagantall6 months
v2.0.0commit 48e56a6234...Jessica Wagantall6 months
sniroemulator-1.0.0commit b58c034d55...Jessica Wagantall6 months
1.0.1-ONAPcommit c954aa1cb9...Jessica Wagantall8 months
1.0.0-ONAPcommit 2c43ba5bb6...Jessica Wagantall8 months
1.0.1-Amsterdamcommit c954aa1cb9...Jessica Wagantall9 months
1.0.0-Amsterdamcommit 2c43ba5bb6...Jessica Wagantall12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursSupport custom hostname for Portal UIHEADmasterGary Wu7-3/+66
6 daysLink OOF and PCIhelenc8781-1/+1
7 days5G OOF_PCIBrian Freeman1-0/+34
8 daysAdded two CMs for Ajay.helenc8783-2/+131
9 daysUse Casablanca released artifacts for vCPE VNFsYang Xu9-33/+41
10 daysAdded more use cases links.helenc8784-11/+36
11 daysMerge "HV-VES rst doc file update"Gary Wu1-2/+2
11 daysHV-VES rst doc file updatemarekpl1-2/+2
11 daysMerge in doc changes from casablanca branchGary Wu27-25/+917
11 daysMerge "Doc draft for Integration S3P efforts"Marco Platania1-0/+81