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masterHttp clients refactoringpwielebs2 days
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2 daysHttp clients refactoringHEADmasterpwielebs7-166/+21
3 daysDmaaP http clients addedpwielebs15-49/+714
6 daysMerge "Implementation for HTTP/HTTPS and endpoints"Lusheng Ji14-16/+206
6 daysImplementation for HTTP/HTTPS and endpointswasala15-19/+206
8 daysDefined structure of DMaaP Consumerwasala14-24/+284
8 daysExluded jackson library from prh-app-serverwasala2-18/+10
9 daysFixed the rest of the Security Issueswasala9-69/+81
10 daysAlready added flow control for tasks.wasala18-69/+150
10 daysSecurity issues fixwasala4-13/+88
13 daysclean up in pom configurationmicdzied1-15/+4