vnfsdk/complianceThis repository is for the compliance test framework.13 months
vnfsdk/dovetail-integrationFor artifacts related to the integration with the OPNFV Dovetail tool4 weeks
vnfsdk/functestThis repository is for the functional test framework3 weeks
vnfsdk/iceThis repository is for ice tools12 days
vnfsdk/lctestThis repository is for VNF lifecycle tests3 weeks
vnfsdk/modelThis repository stores VNF data models3 weeks
vnfsdk/pkgtoolsThis repository contains vendor CI/CD vnf packaging tools.3 weeks
vnfsdk/refrepoThis repository is for a reference vnf repository12 days
vnfsdk/validationThis repository is used for vnf validation tools3 weeks
vnfsdk/ves-agentUnnamed repository3 weeks