BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImplement heatdelete to remove vservers from AAIXiaohua Zhang19 hours
beijingProvide AAI_SERVICE_URL default value for TiCYun Huang3 months
2.0.0-ONAPFix check capacity exception for newton and ocataYun Huang4 months
amsterdamWorkaround secure connection for OpenstackYun Huang6 months
2.0.0-ONAPcommit abd7f8cac1...Jessica Wagantall4 months
v1.1.2commit abd7f8cac1...Jessica Wagantall4 months
1.0.0-ONAPcommit 50189abcb2...Jessica Wagantall5 months
1.0.0-Amsterdamcommit 50189abcb2...Jessica Wagantall10 months
v1.0.0commit 50189abcb2...Jessica Wagantall10 months
release/mercurycommit f7b8d1840d...Andrew Grimberg17 months
v2.0.0commit f7b8d1840d...Andrew Grimberg17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
19 hoursImplement heatdelete to remove vservers from AAIHEADmasterXiaohua Zhang2-2/+99
2 daysFix bug of infra_workloadXiaohua Zhang2-8/+13
2 daysFilter endpoint filter mismatch with keystoneauth1Xiaohua Zhang23-54/+55
2 daysAdd UT and Funtion for infra SRIOVHuang Haibin2-2/+11
2 daysAdd UT for infra_workload delete APIHuang Haibin2-1/+46
3 daysMerge "Fix eventId issue"Bin Yang1-1/+2
3 daysFix eventId issueXiaohua Zhang1-1/+2
3 daysMerge "Refactor delete of infra workload"Bin Yang2-45/+65
3 daysRefactor delete of infra workloadHuang Haibin2-45/+65
3 daysMerge "Add UT for infra_workload for pike"Bin Yang3-4/+223