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masterFixed couple more defects related to test screensj108s21 hours
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21 hoursFixed couple more defects related to test screenHEADmastersj108s3-114/+136
3 daysRemoving INSTAR functionality from CDT for ONAP.Mohamed Asgar Samiulla(ma926a)7-70/+135
7 days[Appc-1806] Removing INSTAR from CDT for ONAP.Mohamed Asgar Samiulla(ma926a)4-16/+10
8 daysAdded few more test case & fixed modal in templatesj108s9-164/+233
8 daysRemove ECOMP trademarkSkip Wonnell1-3/+0
8 daysmade changes to version info and defectsGangarajula, Uday Bhasker (ug0221)5-287/+930
10 daysFixed defects in test screen & updated test casessj108s36-1009/+1412
2018-03-08Added some test cases on httputil service.Mohamed Asgar Samiulla(ma926a)8-15/+117
2018-03-06Add build helper to pomPatrick Brady1-20/+43
2018-03-06Upgraded version file in package.jsonKumar, Amaresh (ak583p)1-3/+3