BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix policy/common checkstyle issuesPamela Dragosh17 hours
2.0.0-ONAPUse ${POLICY_LOGS} for log directoryJim Hahn4 months
beijingUse ${POLICY_LOGS} for log directoryJim Hahn4 months
amsterdamBump up artifacts version to 1.1.3-SNAPSHOTMarco Platania8 months
release-1.0.0javadoc detailsPamela Dragosh17 months
2.0.0-ONAPcommit bbe088daaa...Jessica Wagantall4 months
v1.2.3commit bbe088daaa...Jessica Wagantall4 months
v1.2.2commit 63db3b2c8d...Jessica Wagantall4 months
v1.2.1commit 4e4ba8620f...Jessica Wagantall4 months
1.0.1-ONAPcommit d1be6da132...Jessica Wagantall5 months
1.0.0-ONAPcommit f391f8a0ca...Jessica Wagantall5 months
v1.2.0commit 812927271b...Jessica Wagantall6 months
1.0.1-Amsterdamcommit d1be6da132...Jessica Wagantall8 months
v1.1.3commit d1be6da132...Jessica Wagantall8 months
v1.1.2commit 5d87e90adf...Jessica Wagantall9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 hoursFix policy/common checkstyle issuesHEADmasterPamela Dragosh28-334/+446
21 hoursnew sonar issues in policy/commonJim Hahn2-29/+56
3 daystweaks from testing in auth classesJorge Hernandez3-4/+3
3 dayserror getting aaf configuration flagJorge Hernandez2-2/+2
3 daysMerge "Fixes for oparent upgrade"Jorge Hernandez2-5/+5
4 daysFixes for oparent upgradePamela Dragosh2-5/+5
4 daysAdd comments and removed redundant code in FiltersJorge Hernandez2-9/+14
4 daysSupport for Authorization Generic FiltersJorge Hernandez8-1/+283
4 daysRemove override of parent aaf versionPamela Dragosh1-1/+0
5 daystemporarily set aaf version to snapshotJorge Hernandez4-7/+24