AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-09-10Update default branch in common for elalto5.0.2-ONAPelaltoJim Hahn1-0/+1
2019-09-05Bump version in policy/common elaltoJim Hahn11-11/+11
2019-09-05Release policy/common Hahn1-0/+4
2019-09-05Upgrade to released parent 3.0.1Pamela Dragosh1-1/+1
2019-08-27Remove AlertSeverity from logback in policy/commonJim Hahn4-140/+140
2019-08-23Rest servers should return 400 for bad syntax JSONJim Hahn4-2/+207
2019-08-21Enhance TestTimeMultiJim Hahn19-185/+2405
2019-08-14Add ApiUtils to facilitate looping over featuresJim Hahn4-24/+155
2019-08-08Review maven dependency for snakeyamlBruno Sakoto2-2/+1
2019-08-02Bump version in policy/commonJim Hahn11-11/+11
2019-08-01Merge "Change to fix issues in overridden validations of ParameterGroups"1.5.1Ram Krishna Verma1-1/+6
2019-07-31Remove ParameterUtilsJim Hahn4-243/+3
2019-07-31Change to fix issues in overridden validations of ParameterGroupsa.sreekumar1-1/+6
2019-07-30Fix managed noop topic sourceJim Hahn4-15/+24
2019-07-30Merge "Passing the updated topic parameters to policy-endpoints"Jorge Hernandez5-32/+127
2019-07-30Passing the updated topic parameters to policy-endpointsa.sreekumar5-32/+127
2019-07-29Add addTopic(List<TopicParams>)Jim Hahn14-45/+370
2019-07-27Default TopicParams.isManaged to trueJim Hahn2-2/+15
2019-07-25Changes to add missing topic parametersa.sreekumar7-107/+162
2019-07-18Merge "Convert double to int when decoding via gson"Ram Krishna Verma6-100/+354
2019-07-17Convert double to int when decoding via gsonJim Hahn6-100/+354
2019-07-17Copy PapRestServer to policy/commonJim Hahn3-0/+369
2019-07-15Combine lines in IM state transition tableJim Hahn2-727/+172
2019-07-11Fix checkstyle issues in common/gsonJim Hahn6-68/+107
2019-07-08Merge "Fix sonar issues in Integrity Monitor"Jorge Hernandez5-303/+337
2019-07-08Merge "Replace ONAP-logging getters/setters with lombok"Jim Hahn1-24/+0
2019-07-08Merge "Fix sonar issues in policy/endpoints"Jim Hahn53-430/+794
2019-07-08Replace ONAP-logging getters/setters with lombokJim Hahn1-24/+0
2019-07-08Merge "Fix sonar issues in policy ONAP logging"Pamela Dragosh28-951/+759
2019-07-05Fix sonar issues in policy ONAP loggingJim Hahn28-951/+759
2019-07-05Fix sonar issues in policy/endpointsJim Hahn53-430/+794
2019-07-05Fix sonar issue in common/utilsJim Hahn3-3/+4
2019-07-05Fix sonar issues in Integrity MonitorJim Hahn5-303/+337
2019-07-03Fix remaining sonar issues in Integrity AuditJim Hahn7-71/+71
2019-07-03Remove ToStringTester from utilsramverma2-67/+1
2019-06-27Allow empty DB password in IntegrityAuditJim Hahn1-2/+4
2019-06-27Making the topic property utility method more generic - addressing Jorge's re...a.sreekumar3-9/+40
2019-06-26Merge "Speed up CryptoUtilsTest"Jim Hahn2-5/+14
2019-06-26Merge "Adding Topic and REST parameters to policy-endpoints"Pamela Dragosh13-0/+634
2019-06-26Speed up CryptoUtilsTestJim Hahn2-5/+14
2019-06-26Fix some sonar issues in policy-endpointsJim Hahn34-886/+909
2019-06-26Adding Topic and REST parameters to policy-endpointsa.sreekumar13-0/+634
2019-06-25Merge "Moving ToStringTester to utils-test module"Ram Krishna Verma2-0/+72
2019-06-25Moving ToStringTester to utils-test moduleramverma2-0/+72
2019-06-24Fix more sonar issues in Integrity Audit & MonitorJim Hahn7-1018/+457
2019-06-21Fix sonar issues in integrity monitorJim Hahn12-2623/+2563
2019-06-21Fix sonar issues in integrity auditJim Hahn14-635/+702
2019-06-21Bump common to 1.5.1 SNAPSHOTPamela Dragosh11-11/+11
2019-06-20Upgrade to release 3.0.0 parent1.5.0Pamela Dragosh1-1/+1
2019-06-14Change getCanonicalName() to getName() in commonJim Hahn9-40/+41