BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[SO] SO release image for CSIT testingegernug14 months
kohn[INTEGRATION] Update committers listMichal Jagiello20 months
jakarta[PMSH] CSIT Enhancementsegernug2 years
istanbulMerge "Update DFC tests to use file based conifg"Morgan Richomme3 years
honoluluAdd new fields to config file in slice-analysis and remove unused filesNiranjana3 years
guilinAdded CSIT for Macroflow with HEATMD IRSHAD SHEIKH3 years
frankfurtFixing CSIT tests on FrankfurtMukeshKumar3 years
dublinUpdate vid tests to take into account the new selenium libmrichomme5 years
casablancamake casablanca the branch to useDR695H5 years
7.0.1commit 03a107d925...MD IRSHAD SHEIKH3 years
6.0.0-ONAPcommit b61bd1af39...Jessica Wagantall4 years
4.0.0-ONAPcommit 559475ce77...Suresh Channamallu5 years
3.0.1-ONAPcommit c2950ecb64...Jessica Wagantall5 years
3.0.0-ONAPcommit 1a38d516d7...Jessica Wagantall6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2023-05-09[SO] SO release image for CSIT testingHEADmasteregernug3-6/+8
2023-03-16Adding verification of kube resourceswaqas.ikram4-5/+105
2023-03-14Adding CNF LCM test caseswaqas.ikram8-5/+316
2023-03-09Adding onboarding test casewaqas.ikram3-1/+50
2023-03-07Adding kind cluster registration testwaqas.ikram5-4/+135
2023-03-03Adding CNFM testing basic setupwaqas.ikram17-3/+1343
2023-03-01Fixing Jenkins Jobwaqas.ikram3-20/+15
2023-02-28[SO] Creation of kind cluster for CNFM CSITwaqas.ikram5-2/+259
2023-02-27Fixing jenkins jobwaqas.ikram2-53/+31
2023-02-24Dcaegen2 Jenkins jobs are failingAndrewLamb7-31/+32