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2019-09-24small, multi-platform (amd64, arm64) imagesSimon Hrabos1-19/+11
Modify fproxy, rproxy and tproxy-config docker container image due to arm64 compatibility Issue-ID: INT-1174 Issue-ID: INT-1175 Issue-ID: INT-1176 Signed-off-by: Simon Hrabos <simon.hrabos@tieto.com> Change-Id: Ibbf9e1d15bea9ebb1b82ff50c8671927c68be2ed
2018-09-24Initial drop of rProxy codeLee, Tian (tl5884)1-0/+36
The Reverse Proxy sidecar is used to separate the responsibility of authentication and authorization away from the primary microservice. In conjunction with the Forward Proxy sidecar, it is responsible for controlling access to the REST URL endpoints exposed by the primary microservice, and propogating security credentials to downstream microservices. Change-Id: I5d80429e5422d7b3937cde73ac10c2ec00d264e8 Issue-ID: AAI-1604 Signed-off-by: Lee, Tian (tl5884) <TianL@amdocs.com>