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2018-01-25Update AAI to latest v1.1.1Alexis de Talhouët1-6/+6
Change-Id: I702b943a23f50d2eddcbde2fdf559d026d584127 Signed-off-by: Alexis de Talhouët <> Issue-ID: OOM-604
2018-01-16Add aai and mso FQDN in drools /etc/hostsAlexis de Talhouët1-0/+5 See This is a temporary solution. Assign a static IP address to aai-service and inject it in the /etc/hosts of drools. Change-Id: I52c25225e63be9d9dfb9c92836f2b16da9f2b813 Issue-ID: OOM-549 Signed-off-by: Alexis de Talhouët <>
2017-11-30Fix docker image name for AAIAlexis de Talhouët1-4/+4
They change from openecomp to onap, and i didn't catch that in so fixing here; Change-Id: Ibd422ae441b478b75b2382d1701f7d56a594a7b5 Issue-ID: OOM-432 Signed-off-by: Alexis de Talhouët <>
2017-11-30Migrate to R1 released docker imagesAlexis de Talhouët1-7/+7
Change-Id: Iac46cbae69404d17e1f4e59f85ed18fc7ecd01dd Issue-ID: OOM-432 Signed-off-by: Alexis de Talhouët <>
2017-10-03Add missing aai canonical loggingBorislavG1-0/+1
Add filebeats and logback configuration to: sparky-be, search-data-service, model-loader, traversal, resources using configMaps Issue-ID: OOM-112 Signed-off-by: BorislavG <> Change-Id: Ia1fa0ee2ad3894553a60468797d9d2b1cecb8f2e
2017-09-28Update the resources deployment and traversalVenkata Harish K Kajur1-2/+2
Remove the aai-config and aai-data to be mounted Change the docker hbase to use aaionap/hbase Also change the mount path for logs to be proper Issue-ID: AAI-397 Change-Id: I4996d339a062143c2ef308413b7e3be6101f92fd Signed-off-by: Venkata Harish K Kajur <>
2017-09-05Use DMaaP from message-routeryuryn1-6/+0
Remove AAI DMaaP (with its zookeeper and kafka) and adjust AAI configuration to work with the common ONAP DMaaP from message-router project Change-Id: Ia9a4348d2ad28623ddc0e1c149ef35d33db90fb4 Issue-ID: OOM-65 Signed-off-by: yuryn <>
2017-09-05Merge "NodePort Helm Parametrization"Yury Novitsky1-0/+1
2017-08-31AAI 1.1 K8s templates and aelm branch mergeMandeep Khinda1-3/+25
commit 8a32c4269a6d1dcdcdee6c2548043639754db936 Author: yuryn <> Date: Mon Aug 28 14:45:23 2017 +0300 Add dependencies to aai-deployment 1. Add to aai-deployment dependency in aai-resources and aai-traversal 2. Fix readiness ports for data-router and sparky-be Change-Id: Icfcd4685ac3cad8e463b5f8176b28f51890d1e38 Issue-ID: OOM-65 Signed-off-by: yuryn <> commit 34b6e617ca961b6a6df85e88daf122c7cd4195af Author: yuryn <> Date: Sun Aug 27 20:25:29 2017 +0300 Add AAI haproxy 1. Add AAI haproxy 2. Create aai-resources and aai-traversal log dirs Change-Id: Ib60cc7e482cafe2f1185db7bead181f929165ed3 Issue-ID: OOM-65 Signed-off-by: yuryn <> commit 82417bcba69cc126a811605e7e577941c6c5eb2e Author: yuryn <> Date: Thu Aug 24 14:08:30 2017 +0300 Fix aai-model-loader-logs 1. Create aai/model-loader/logs folder in config-init 2. Fix aai-model-loader-logs volume name Change-Id: Ib66b8a226be9f5c42b06e6e7a239af081ad6d874 Issue-ID: OOM-65 Signed-off-by: yuryn <> commit 441adcffd7041266378ae251f36592da5a44f2c2 Author: yuryn <> Date: Mon Aug 21 17:18:42 2017 +0300 [WIP] Add new AAI configuration files Addressed review comments: 1. Use k8s lookup names for host names 2. Use existing /opt/data/hdfs-data-name folder 3. Remove redundant entries in yaml files Change-Id: Ied5f559aebc89c9a22b3e5228e6625af86646b5f Issue-ID: OOM-65 Signed-off-by: yuryn <> commit 0473270da932e4bbf596007fd8fb7ec3cba4e1cc Author: yuryn <> Date: Sun Aug 20 18:48:51 2017 +0300 Add gremlin and ES services Issue-ID: OOM-65 Change-Id: I3e879418a1258716db1633676cf66bb9620c2b5f Signed-off-by: yuryn <> commit 0b1332938385cc534b1f034b73f19c145ead87c6 Author: Munir Ahmad <> Date: Tue Aug 15 15:36:46 2017 -0400 onap 1.1 deployment files work in progress... issue-id: OOM-66 Change-Id: If6553647343bb07464e8cc8556223f0c7a01f134 Signed-off-by: Munir Ahmad <> Issue-ID: OOM-65 Change-Id: I4afc3d2457a27791ba72f959c82d791b50e02eb2 Signed-off-by: Mandeep Khinda <> Signed-off-by: yuryn <> Signed-off-by: Munir Ahmad <> Signed-off-by: Eric Au <> Signed-off-by: ronakvy <>
2017-08-31NodePort Helm Parametrizationkerenj1-0/+1
parameterization of node ports, and create/delete update to fix multi ONAP instances creation(in diff NS). Issue-ID: OOM-52 Change-Id: Iaa3f5bc43f70b95cdc349389e25ef8b804a7a329 Signed-off-by: kerenj <>
2017-08-25refactor helm files to use namespace prefixMandeep Khinda1-1/+1
-removed the full namespace from each template. better lets us reuse variables. -made secret end up in a configurable namespace -fixed some bugs where secrets were missing -updated createAll and delete to make use of namespace prefix removing the need for seds to replace the word onap. *** all containers at this point come up in my env. except for aai model loader which is failing cause its still at 1.0 and its trying to talk to a 1.1 sdc and it doesnt auth properly. *** Issue-ID:OOM-215 Change-Id: I15815a01469786a391e272fde4bdaa53ff48091c Signed-off-by: Mandeep Khinda <>
2017-08-24aai K8S-Helm Parameterizationkerenj1-0/+7
changed aai k8s deployment to support helm parameterization. Issue-ID: OOM-52 Change-Id: Ifffdb4204a3fdb2c7be62063134c489f8123012d Signed-off-by: kerenj <>