PRH (PNF Registration Handler)

Physical Network Function Registration Handler is responsible for registration of PNF (Physical Network Function) to ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) in plug and play manner.


PRH is delivered as one Docker container which hosts application server and can be started by docker-compose.


Compiling PRH

Whole project (top level of PRH directory) and each module (sub module directory) can be compiled using mvn clean install command.

Main API Endpoints

Running with dev-mode of PRH

  • Heartbeat: http://:8100/heartbeat or https://:8443/heartbeat

  • Start PRH: http://:8100/start or https://:8433/start

  • Stop PRH: http://:8100/stopPrh or https://:8433/stopPrh

Maven GroupId:


Maven Parent ArtifactId:


Maven Children Artifacts:

  1. prh-app-server: Pnf Registration Handler (PRH) server
  2. prh-commons: Common code for whole prh modules


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