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Added more information on how to configure URIs & needed permissions for the ReverseProxyAuthorization filter, the authorization enforcement point. Added the necessary steps to use an alternative authorization provider. Issue-ID: AAI-1604 Change-Id: Ia16dd2687b0032a0bd75641c1523307e90ceeb32 Signed-off-by: IanB <IanB@amdocs.com>
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The Reverse Proxy sidecar is used to separate the responsibility of authentication and authorization away from the primary microservice. In conjunction with the Forward Proxy sidecar, it is responsible for controlling access to the REST URL endpoints exposed by the primary microservice, and propogating security credentials to downstream microservices. Change-Id: I5d80429e5422d7b3937cde73ac10c2ec00d264e8 Issue-ID: AAI-1604 Signed-off-by: Lee, Tian (tl5884) <TianL@amdocs.com>