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2017-09-23Update License & modify properties in aaf/cadisg481n1-42/+70
Updated license file & sitepath modified and O-parent latest added to parent pom of aaf/cadi,Javadocs plugin version added & duplicate staging plugin removed. Issue-id: AAF-59 Change-Id: Ia52c18b6c42445e3b858476dcb0b029c681c121e Signed-off-by: sg481n <sg481n@att.com>
2017-09-08Cleanup project's name in SonarJessica Wagantall1-1/+1
The name parameter in the root pom.xml should match the project name in gerrit to reflect consistency in Sonar. Change-Id: Ic831a909ce62ae31f54da77f974e12ca53c3988c Issue-id: CIMAN-65 Signed-off-by: Jessica Wagantall <jwagantall@linuxfoundation.org>
2017-08-25Update project structure for aaf/cadisg481n1-57/+75
Update project structure from com.att to org.onap and add distribution management and staging plugin. Issue-id: AAF-22 Change-Id: Idf2b591139e38921ad28782a51486714a05dee92 Signed-off-by: sg481n <sg481n@att.com>
2017-08-10 Update AAF Version 1.0.0sg481n1-2/+2
Change-Id: I8d12cf2e495a7cee9f59d45e04c5623dedb50bc8 Signed-off-by: sg481n <sg481n@att.com>
2017-08-03 [AAF-21] Initial code importsg481n1-0/+480
Change-Id: Ia1dd196befd061f6ba0c2be6bf4456a30ea50f97 Signed-off-by: sg481n <sg481n@att.com>